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Rock Hudson's Home Movies 

Year: 1992
Country: USA
Director: Mark Rappaport
Starring: Rock Hudson, Eric Farr
Synopsis: This fantasy recalls the films of Rock Hudson, where anyone looking back at now should see that the 1950s-'60s sex symbol was practically screaming 'Hey, I'm a screaming queen!'
Quick review: By now it's not a jaw-dropping experience to inform someone that sex symbol and movie star Rock Hudson was gay. Everyone knows it. But back in the 1980s before his death, only Hollywood insiders knew. And unlike now, they kept those secrets from reaching the general public. This film imagines what Rock Hudson would say about his career after his death. Eric Farr plays the dead Hudson and provides the narration. But most of the film is a look back at Hudson's career with plenty of clips from his films. Most of them are very suggestive and it makes you wonder how on earth could anyone think this man was straight? But anyone can make a case for anything with editing and a body of work like Hudson left behind. I didn't enjoy this treatment. Many of the clips are repeated in this short film. I would have enjoyed a documentary about Hudson's life and career more and felt let down by this surreal visit from Hudson. It's different, and it does take a risk with it's style. But for me the more conventional look back would have been better.


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